Franchise Profile: French Fry Heaven

The world is a better place with French fries– in fact, they might be the best fried foods ever created. At least that’s what the founder of French Fry Heaven believes, and why the restaurant franchise singularly celebrates hamburger’s best friend and ketchup’s soulmate.


French Fry Heaven, the franchise industry’s first French gourmet fry-only franchise, sells two types of heavenly fried potatoes, Angels and Saints. Angels are classic, Belgian-style* French fries that can be topped with just about anything, like ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, gravy and cheese, or blue cheese dust. Saints are sweet potato fries that can be savory, served with salt, or sweet, dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar, maple syrup or other saccharine smothers. French Fry Heaven customers may also sprinkles their fries with Ethereal Sea Salts in flavors like ghost pepper, vanilla and lime fresco.

Each French Fry Heaven franchise unit operates out of a small stand alone location with a specially designed ventless enclosed fryer. Targeted locations include college campuses, stadiums, airports, military bases and malls.


Beyond frying up gourmet French fries, French Fry Heaven strives to be unprofessional. (You read that right.) By focusing on making one stand-out product, the food franchise is able to provide its customers with great customer service and a fun, outrageous experience.


A cornerstone of French Fry Heaven’s business is its commitment to charitable service and, as such, all who become a part of the restaurant franchise must be committed to giving back to their communities, too.


When it comes to finding new franchisees and establishing new French Fry Heaven locations, the restaurant franchise looks for candidates who are dedicated to make customers smile. A history with management, sales and a strong connection with one’s community are also important.



*Belgian-style French fries are freshly cut, irregularly shaped fries that usually include the potato’s skin. Fried twice, Belgian-style frites are known for their crispy exterior and fluffy, potatoey interior. Served in a paper cone, Belgian-style fries aren’t tiny shoestrings, they’re at least 10 millimeters in width.