Be a Better Salesman

Justin Gardy is a seven-days-a-week sales representative. During the business week, he’s on the phone at least 6 and a half hours each day. During the weekend, Gardy is responding to sales queries and connecting with prospects via email.

Justin has five tips for making the third quarter the best of the 2011 fiscal year:


  1. Be persistent. “Don’t be afraid to be persistent,” says Gardy. “A large part of sales is keeping your company, your product, your service in the forefront of your prospective client’s mind. Don’t let them forget about you.”
  2. Adjust your focus. “Relationships with prospects are just as important as making the sale. If you’re always pitching and pushing to make the sale you’ll undoubtedly come across as annoying. Balance your pitching with light conversation,” says Gardy. There are times when Justin has a simple conversation with prospects and doesn’t pitch at all.
  3. Manage their expectations.  “It is always better to undersell and over deliver. There is nothing worse than promising the moon and making that call you can’t deliver.”
  4. Deliver on your promises. “Once you’ve made the sale, you must deliver on your promises. This is key to earning repeat business.
  5. Two ears, one mouth. “When your prospective client is on the phone, let them do most of the talking. They are sure to tune you out if you talk their ear off,” suggest Gardy. “Remember to listen, respond and stop pushing your agenda.”