Pinot’s Palette: A Fun Franchise That Will Make You Fear No Easel

Pinot’s Palette wants you to fear no easel. Instead, the company’s three co-founders just want you to have a good time painting a canvas while enjoying a glass of wine.


The idea for Pinot’s Palette was actually a golf course collaboration between co-founders Craig and Charles. “Craig and I were bouncing ideas back and forth,” says Charles Willis, “and Craig had the idea to bring entertainment value to an art class.”


Charles and Craig, who both have major corporate business experience, put the idea on hold for awhile, until Charles’ wife, Beth, pushed the three of them into business in 2009. The first Pinot’s Palette, formerly Pinot and Picasso, opened in the Houston area in 2010. Now, the franchise is looking to expand everywhere.


Pinot’s Palette, as a concept, is fairly simple. Customers arrive at the studio with their own wine and snacks, Pinot’s Palette provides ice buckets, wine glasses, paints, brushes and everything else you need to become your own Picasso, Van Gogh or Matisse. One of Pinot’s Palette’s artists will walk you through the creation of your very own, guiding your every brush stroke so you’ll proud enough to hang it on your own wall.


For those behind the scenes, it’s equally important to Pinot’s Palette that their franchisees have a good time, too. Part of that involves a great deal of extensive training. Charles, Craig and Beth go over all marketing, operations and technological aspects of the business during a franchisee’s training period.  In addition, Pinot’s Palette has a proprietary software system that helps each franchisee manage daily to-do’s, giving them more time on the more important things like growing their customer base.


If you’re interested in becoming a Pinot’s Palette franchisee, you of course need the concept’s required amount of investment capital and a go-getter attitude, but Charles, Craig and Beth are looking for someone who loves being around people and will make sure customers have a great time every time. If you think that could be you, well, they’d love to hear from you