Franchise Clique Signs Automotive Giant Meineke

Meineke Car Care has just signed with Franchise Clique and we couldn’t be happier. This automotive franchise is one of the best in the business and has been on Entrepreneur Magazine‘s “Franchise 500” list for years. This year, it’s in the top 100!

So what don’t you know about Meineke? Perhaps you don’t know that this franchise has grown to over 900 businesses or that it has been a market presence for over 30 years. Franchisees agree that the business is a great one to own. As one franchisee put it, it’s difficult to be an independent business anymore. Owning a Meineke is great because it has serious brand recognition and people know that it stands for outstanding service not only to its customers, but to its franchisees.

So, in short, we’re extremely pleased to have the Meineke Car Care franchise as a client at Franchise Clique. We’re excited to hear more success stories from franchisees and encourage you to leave any stories you might have about Meineke in the comments below!

Christian Brothers Automotive: Interview with Top Management

One of the fastest growing automotive franchises isn’t looking for franchisees with past automotive experience. It’s why Automotive Repair For Dummies is required reading for a new Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee. Christian Brothers Automotive isn’t in the car business; it’s in the customer care business.


One of the most anxiety-ridden processes is dealing with car trouble. So often we’re told stories of product-pushing mechanics and cumulative costs high enough to make you faint. It’s rare to hear about a place that puts the comfort of the customer first, except at Christian Brothers Automotive.


The successful concept began as one garage owned and operated by chief executive officer Mark Carr. Carr is a self-made businessman who fell into the car business accidentally when a member of his Bible study group mentioned he wanted help opening up a garage.


Now, 19 years later, Christian Brothers Automotive has 85 locations already serving customers across the U.S. and plenty more locations coming own the pipeline.


We interviewed Vice President of Franchise Development Josh F. Wall about Christian Brothers Automotive, what it looks for in new franchisees, how their franchising process works and finally, what we can expect from the franchise in the future.

Interview with Christian Brothers Automotive VP of Development Josh Wall

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