How Much Business Experience is Enough?

Franchise recruiters often look for business experience in their franchisees, but how much is enough?


Passion, dedication to customer service and a can-do attitude are all important qualities most franchises look for in potential franchisees. Natural-born cheerleaders who possess undying enthusiasm for their brand are ideal but not so necessary as someone with business experience. The most sought after franchisee candidates are those who possess some kind of business knowledge. But, if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to become a franchisee how much business experience do you really need?


When a franchise recruiter asks a potential franchisee about his or her business background it can be a bit daunting. Don’t worry; they’re not looking for a Harvard MBA graduate, they’re just looking for a good manager.


Considering your past managerial experience is a good idea whether you’re just beginning to research franchise opportunities or well into the process of becoming a franchisee. Think about your previous jobs or the community organizations to which you belong:


  • Have you ever been placed in a leadership position with delegates beneath you?
  • Have you had to report to a senior member and execute orders from “on high” while handling your daily responsibilities?
  • Are you familiar with basic accounting principles?
  • In the past, have you had to manage a crisis concerning a customer or settle a dispute between employees or team members?


Above all, a franchisee is not only the manager of his or her franchise location but also a steward of the overall brand. A candidate with prior management experience is accustomed to taking orders from above (the franchisor) and delegating to those beneath him or her (franchise employees) while managing the day to day operations of a business. It might sound easy enough, but juggling these responsibilities is not always straightforward. Franchise recruitment teams want to know you’ve been thrown a few curveballs– and knocked it out of the park.