Testimonial: Chyten Franchising, Inc.

We’ve done it again folks! We couldn’t be more pleased that one of our clients is this kind of happy:

“Wow.  In a matter of a couple of weeks, we have quadrupled our lead flow (versus other .com franchise portals) with the addition of the FranchiseClique.com and FranchiseBuy.com franchise lead portals.  I’ve been in the franchise industry for 22 years now with major brands, and when I state that this site(s) produces, I know from years of experience.  We are a small franchise company with 40 units open to date;  I didn’t think we would draw the candidate interest of the major brands I’ve worked for….this was key to us, and it “clicked” immediately.  Our leads have been ‘qualified’ too.  Not the usual tire kickers.  In addition, my representative from this company (Guy Norcott) far exceeds my service expectations, which is important to me.  He proactively keeps me well informed at all times how to increase exposure.  Enough said…I highly recommend FranchiseClique/FranchiseBuy”.

Randy Blue, Director of Franchise Development

Chyten Franchising, Inc.