How To Get The Most Out of Your Franchise Search

Becoming a franchisee is a big decision. Picking the wrong franchise is a big mistake. The easiest way to avoid kicking yourself for selecting the wrong concept is to do your research and request information on multiple franchises from a franchise directory or portal. You’ll see a big pay-off.


You can search based on your criteria

Only have a certain amount of available investment capital? Interested in staying in a particular state, region or country? Want to work in a particular industry? Franchise directories and portals let you search hundreds of available opportunities according to what’s most important to you. Not sure what you’re interested in yet? You can always browse the directory or portal’s list of available concepts for inspiration.


You Can Submit For Multiple Concepts Without Visiting Multiple Websites

Franchise directories and portals also let you submit for multiple concepts at once, a critical part of finding the right franchise. Many of them suggest related concepts based on those you’ve viewed, cutting down on additional legwork. The more you know the better you’ll be able to select your perfect franchise fit.


Treasure Troves of Information

Updated regularly, franchise directories and portals are valuable information resources. Often, they’ll have articles on franchises, small business news articles and helpful hints for franchisees. In addition, newly established franchises will be listed as soon as they’re ready to expand, a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to find new and exciting business ventures.


Your Direct Link to Franchise Development Teams

When you submit for information from a directory or portal, your information goes directly to the franchise development teams that interest you. On the rare occasion you don’t receive information or a phone call from a franchise development team member the directory or portal you used will be happy to contact them for you. Directories and portals generally have good relationships with the franchises they list on their websites. When you speak with the directory or portal, suggest a time of day you’re normally available to talk if you’re interested in speaking with a franchise development team member directly.


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