The Rise of Pet Franchises

Implausible as it may seem, the faithful golden retriever who greets you each day after work is actually a descendent of the big bad wolf. While Little Red Riding Hood’s nemesis is no longer a part of man’s best friend our dedication to our furry friend’s happiness remains intact. As such, the rise of pet franchise concepts should surprise no one.



For some, particularly single women, pets become surrogate children. Singles are more likely to consider pets family members– 66 percent of single women, for example as opposed to 46 percent of married women. Despite loving and caring for pets like full-fledged members of the family, modern work schedules make daily dog walks or play time with feline friends difficult. Not every schedule allows for midday walks or play dates.


Fortunately, pet franchises make it possible to keep pets well taken care of, groomed and happy even when owners are too busy.

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Sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow for midday walks. Or, maybe you’re going on vacation or out of town on a work trip. Whatever the reason, Out U Go is America’s premiere professional dog walking and pet sitting franchise. Out U Go has almost two decades of pet franchise and pet care experience.

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Preppy Pet isn’t going to dress your dog in pearls and seersucker– although I’m sure that can be arranged. Preppy Pet incorporates doggie daycare, pet boarding, grooming and adoption services into one all-inclusive pet franchise.


HydroDog Mobile Pet Grooming is one of the cutest and most recognizable mobile pet franchises in the industry. You can’t miss HydroDog’s attention-getting big blue dog mobile grooming salon. The demand for mobile grooming services is on the rise, something all HydroDog groomers are able to take advantage of.

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Invisible Fence is one of the most recognizable names in the pet franchise industry. With over 2 million pets protected by Invisible Fence worldwide, it’s also one of the largest pet containment franchises in North America. If you’re committed to keeping pets safely within the borders of their owners yards, Invisible Fence is an opportunity definitely worth considering.

Pet Franchises

While dog-centric pet franchises are certainly popular, they’re not the only kind of animal franchise concept available. Wild Bird Centers of America caters to our wild feathered friends while also making a positive difference in your local community.

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