Dante’s Pizza Vending Kiosk

This vending franchise has coined itself “recession-proof” and “gimmick-free,” but what does it do? Well, Dante’s is a low investment vending franchise provides low cost Italian food in a vending machine. That’s right, you can get pizza from a vending machine. All your customers need to do is slip their money in and choose their product. The machine will then simply grab the item and drop it down for them.

Products include pretzel bread sandwiches, mini pizzas and Blue Bunny ice cream.

For just a few hours a week (restocking), you can make some side income with your Dante’s Pizza Kiosk. And if it’s working well, there are always options to expand your vending franchise and put more Dante’s in more locations for a great revenue stream. Some places that Dante’s recommends for their machines are: skating rinks, parks, college, hotels, family fun centers, arenas, bowling alleys and large offices.

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