Franchising and Social Media

The goal of social media shouldn’t be just to increase profits. The goal of social media should be to further create brand awareness and draw attention to your product. In terms of a franchise, it should be used to further craft a particular brand, thereby creating further awareness to a particular brand while conveying a positive image. And with that we have one of the more recent trends in social media: franchising.

Specifically, franchise social media is using things like Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare within the means of a franchise’s goals. What does this mean? Well, unlike your personal Facebook or Twitter account, which you use to sound off on your rants, thoughts, feelings – whatever – franchising with social media requires a bit more structure. Determine what your company’s goal is, what message you want to convey in your social media posts and then craft a strategy where you execute these goals.

Just think, if you’re a potential franchise owner, do you want to wait for paperwork in the mail to come about the benefits of joining the franchise? Or would you rather just log online and see other franchise owners just like you, not to mention¬†franchising and social media allows companies to¬†be much more transparent. Interacting on social media allows potential franchise owners the chance to see how a certain company promotes itself, which is much more than a brochure or piece of pamphlet could do. And do you really think you wouldn’t be able to tell over a Facebook or Twitter account is someone was unhappy with the service or quality of a product that you’re interested in investing in?

Social media has allowed companies to become much more transparent, which could be the biggest selling tool above anything else.