Papa Murphy’s Gets Coveted #27 Ranking

Papa Murphy’s is used to getting accolades. For the last few years, the business has been booming and growing exponentially. This year, it has snagged its all-time high of #27 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “500 Franchise” List. Just four years ago, this restaurant franchise hadn’t cracked the top 50! They’ve also managed to open over 200 new stores in the United States since 2008, which has been during the height of the Recession.

We’re happy to see the success of Papa Murphy’s franchise because we believe their business plan is the real deal. With decreased costs from other pizza chains, it is able to offer delicious and affordable food without all the overhead. It’s also great for the consumer because it’s the carry-out convenience that they’re looking for. Papa Murphy’s also stands out in other ways. Their franchise is committed to helping out franchisees during every phase of ownership–with week-long training, co-op advertising, meetings and a toll-free line available to their franchisees at all times.