Mathnasium Franchise Spotlight

Let’s face it – math is tough. So tough, that many kids need help reinforcing the basic principles and learning the more advanced mathematics so that they don’t fall behind in their school work. There’s so much to math that students often fall behind in their studies before they even know it, which can be detrimental in the long run. Even worse is when the challenge of math has children disliking it – then they’re definitely unmotivated to learn. That’s where Mathnasium: The Math Learning Center comes in. Mathnasium is a children’s educational franchise that engages kids through interactive, hands-on activities. And being that quality math tutoring and instruction is a sticking point for parents today, Mathnasium is one of the fastest growing available children’s franchises, offering a high ceiling for money-making potential.
As a Mathnasium franchise owner, you’ll manage a team of math experts who will help you provide a fun and educational circiculum to the children you will serve. And like all franchises, if you need assistance, you won’t be left hung out to dry. By owning a Mathnasium franchise, you’ll become a part of a professional network that will provide you with the support and tools necessary to succeed. Remember, as a franchise owner, your success dictates their success.
The estimated investment rate for a Mathnasium opportunity begins at about $93,000. Financing options are also available to would-be franchise owners. While this price point may seem somewhat steep, remember that most kids need help with math and that the ones that don’t need help with math often want additional instruction so that they can get ahead and stay ahead of their peers. It’s why Mathnasium is one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities in the country. And it’s why your initial investment could pay off big time in the long run.

“**Due to the date this article was published, store count and financials may be inaccurate. Please refer to Mathnasium Learning Centers page for the most current information.”