Mathnasium Franchise Spotlight

Let’s face it – math is tough. So tough, that many kids need help reinforcing the basic principles and learning the more advanced mathematics so that they don’t fall behind in their school work. There’s so much to math that students often fall behind in their studies before they even know it, which can be detrimental in the long run. Even worse is when the challenge of math has children disliking it – then they’re definitely unmotivated to learn. That’s where Mathnasium: The Math Learning Center comes in. Mathnasium is a children’s educational franchise that engages kids through interactive, hands-on activities. And being that quality math tutoring and instruction is a sticking point for parents today, Mathnasium is one of the fastest growing available children’s franchises, offering a high ceiling for money-making potential.
As a Mathnasium franchise owner, you’ll manage a team of math experts who will help you provide a fun and educational circiculum to the children you will serve. And like all franchises, if you need assistance, you won’t be left hung out to dry. By owning a Mathnasium franchise, you’ll become a part of a professional network that will provide you with the support and tools necessary to succeed. Remember, as a franchise owner, your success dictates their success.
The estimated investment rate for a Mathnasium opportunity begins at about $93,000. Financing options are also available to would-be franchise owners. While this price point may seem somewhat steep, remember that most kids need help with math and that the ones that don’t need help with math often want additional instruction so that they can get ahead and stay ahead of their peers. It’s why Mathnasium is one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities in the country. And it’s why your initial investment could pay off big time in the long run.

“**Due to the date this article was published, store count and financials may be inaccurate. Please refer to Mathnasium Learning Centers page for the most current information.”

Children’s Education Franchise Spotlight

Mad Science Franchise

When you think of franchise opportunities, chances are that things like children and child education may not immediately come to mind. But there’s arguably just as much opportunity involved in owning a children’s educational franchise as there is in being the owner for another type of franchise. There’s also arguably more money-making potential, as there will always be children who need help with learning and engaging with others, and parents who strive to give their child the best opportunity for succeeding in life. This is because children’s franchises aren’t solely for entertaining the younger clientele, but also educating and developing them.

There is a vast amount of choice in terms of selecting from a children’s educational franchise. For example, Club-Z is an in-home tutoring service, where franchise owners will manage a staff of tutors that help out kids with specified school subjects. The tutoring is done at the child’s home, so you don’t need a specialty building to hold such sessions, which keeps franchise investment costs down. Plus, tutoring is becoming a much more popular business. Tutoring is one thing, hands-on learning activities are another opportunity.

That brings us to Mad Science, a franchise that entertains and engages children through hands-on science-related activities. Studies show that children who are engaged and actively participating in activities are more likely to learn and retain information better than those who aren’t.

Another example of a children’s franchise is Mathnasium. Although Mathnasium requires a higher investment amount than many of the other children’s franchise options, it also offers a potentially higher payoff by specializing in one area of school that many students struggle with – math. Mathnasium engages children and teaches them math, while reinforcing basic arithmetic, through games and activities, so as not to make it seem like a boring chore.

“**Due to the date this article was published, store count and financials may be inaccurate. Please refer to Mathnasium Learning Centers page for the most current information.”

Mathnasium Children’s Franchise Interview


For some, math is really as easy as 1-2-3. For others, it’s about as painful as a trip to the dentist. Mathnasium, the rapidly growing children’s education franchise, aims to change that.


Mathnasium has been franchising since 2004, but long before the concept was growing above 2% a year educator Larry Martinek was making a difference in the lives of his math students. Larry noticed that his students were developing mathematical shortcuts: ways of solving problems not taught in his or other teachers’ classrooms. Other teachers saw these shortcuts as cheating. Larry saw it as a confirmation that children don’t learn the same way that educators necessarily teach them. With the help of his son, Nick, Larry created Mathnasium’s teaching curriculum in the same verbiage as his students. Directions are written in the vocabulary of a fourth grader as opposed to a fourth grade teacher’s.


The curriculum is focused on developing what Joe describes as “number sense”– the building blocks of math– to build confidence in Mathnasium’s students. As it turns out, that’s a big part of why kids don’t like math in the first place.


Today, Mathnasium has over 270 centers in operation, with plans for more. It’s no wonder, considering the amount of support and success of Mathnasium’s curriculum.


When it comes to its franchisees, Joe Novak, Senior VP of Franchise Marketing and Development, is dedicated to figuring out who’s best for Mathnasium. “I’ve spent many hours thinking about this,” he says, “I’ve looked at over 70 variables.” Though he’s yet to narrow down a tried-and-true franchisee profile, he’s identified several indicators of a franchisee’s future success.


“Mathnasium is a very good opportunity for those who to be involved in their communities and who love kids,” Joe says. Joe mentions that Mathnasium looks for people who are go-getters. It’s vital for a Mathnasium franchisee to become part of the local community by going to PTA meetings, sponsoring little league teams and do everything within his or her grasp to take advantage of local opportunities.


Another great thing about this children’s franchise is that, “you don’t have to be a millionaire to start this concept,” says Joe.


In the past, Mathnasium franchisees have been lawyers, accountants, those with an IT background and, yes, former educators. “Don’t get me wrong,” says Joe, “you have to love math.”

“**Due to the date this article was published, store count and financials may be inaccurate. Please refer to Mathnasium Learning Centers page for the most current information.”