Restoration 1 Experiences Franchise Closure within First Month of Advertisement with Franchise Clique

January 28, 2011 – CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA – Franchise Clique today announced its client, Restoration 1, has experienced franchise closure within the first month as a direct result of the franchisor’s partnership with the internet-based pay-for-performance franchise marketing service.
Restoration 1 first began listing its franchise opportunity on in December of 2010.
“After testing several other companies we gave Franchise Clique a go,” explained Andor Kovacs President of Restoration 1. “It has been a great resource so far. Clique gets the job done. They deliver real people…real leads.”
“We are excited to have Restoration 1 on board with Clique and thrilled to hear of their immediate success with our program,” said David Schwartz, CEO of Franchise Clique. “We look forward to continuing our partnership and delivering more qualified prospects for their concept in the future.”
About Restoration 1
Restoration 1 Water damage restoration and water extraction services are our specialties. We perform restoration for both residential and commercial properties.
About Franchise Clique
Franchise Clique (, links real people with real franchise and business opportunities providing franchisors with a quality, yet cost-effective, mode of franchise marketing. Now in its second year of operation, Franchise Clique and its network of sites offers information on hundreds of business opportunities available in 100+ industries in one convenient location on the web.

Despite a down economy, Franchise Clique is assisting more clients every day.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 26, 2011 – Charleston, SC – If you believed everything that you read in the news today, it would be hard to consider anything other than “doom and gloom” in the American business world. Indeed, the economy has taken its toll on many businesses. However, studies show that during an economic downturn, entrepreneurial activity typically takes off and provides ample opportunity for those individuals and organizations who are willing to “take a chance” on their own. Charleston-based lead generation company, Franchise Clique, has decided to corner the market, finding success both as an entrepreneurial organization and helping other potential business owners find their footing.

Franchise Clique, founded by company CEO David Schwartz in 2009, entered the market at the height of the recession. However, Schwartz was confident in his ability to take the knowledge and expertise that he had acquired working at a current lead generation competitor, as well as his understanding of the publishing industry, which he obtained during his work at several national magazines, and combine it with the implementation of technology that contributed to the success of the online education industry. Franchise Clique was born.

Franchise Clique works to connect franchise and business opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in starting their own companies. The organization develops the highest quality lead generation efforts through proprietary technology and industry expertise.

“I spent the better half of the last decade working for some of my current competitors,” stated Schwartz. “Ultimately, through my prior lead generation experience and the technology that I bought, I decided that I could take what I learned and not only create a company with it, but also help other entrepreneurs attain their dreams of being in business for themselves. The mere fact that this all happened to hit during an economic recession is secondary. To the business owner who truly wants to succeed, nothing is going to stand in their way. That is the belief that I bring to the office everyday and thankfully, I have a staff who subscribes to that mantra, too.”

Franchise Clique, since its inception, has quickly become the premier provider for the best leads in the franchise industry. The company offers an unparalleled advertising opportunity to clients and gives potential business owners the access to search a unique technology platform for the franchise or business opportunity they might be interested in pursuing. It is this multi-faceted platform that makes the company so distinctive as it appeals both to the franchise industry and the franchisees who are looking to buy-in to a business opportunity.

“Franchises are a very popular opportunity amongst entrepreneurs as they come with a readymade business plan and product. You are not recreating the wheel, you are getting to work with a proven product, but you still have the benefit of being in business for yourself and calling the shots,” stated Schwartz. “I believe that model is one of the reasons that we have been successful in such a short amount of time. People who are sick of putting up with corporate red tape are looking for a different direction, and it is this group who are incredibly interested in the opportunity a franchise presents. Franchise Clique puts these people in touch with the best franchise opportunities available today.”

Franchise Clique advertises for hundreds of franchise opportunities in a variety of industries. The company allows for nation-wide searching and offers entrepreneurs the ability to find franchise businesses based on how much they are willing to invest. The organization has projected a seven figure budget for their advertising efforts in 2011 and employs some of the most sought after and expert lead generation professionals in the industry today. The company can be found online at

“What surprises people most about our service is the fact that Franchise Clique has over 400 advertisers, is the most heavily trafficked site in the space and that our organization goes above and beyond traditional franchise lead generation advertising,” commented Schwartz. “Instead, we take marketing efforts several steps further and advertise not only on the site, but off the site as well. We do this through expert search engine optimization, ad networks and social and affiliate networks. This is what makes Franchise Clique unique.”

Franchise Clique is a highly successful lead generation company working within the franchise industry and based in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 2009 by professionals who have spent the last decade working within the lead generation industry, this directory utilizes the most advanced and effective lead generation technology available on the market today. Franchise Clique is the only Google AdWords certified company in the space.

The use of this technology by advertising and online lead generation gurus is what sets Franchise Clique apart from the other companies in the industry. Franchise Clique has found creative ways to implement this groundbreaking technology and has brought the opportunities realized by this creative new way to generate leads to the attention of the public at

Now the leading source for reliable franchise leads, Franchise Clique can be contacted at 877-252-2340 or For more information or a sample copy, contact Franchise Clique at 877-252-2340 or Franchise Clique can be found online at