A Healthy Choice: Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen

There are plenty of lunch and dinner choices to make when you’re looking for Chinese food, Japanese dishes and other Asian food specialties. As a franchise operator, wouldn’t it be convenient if your customers could find all of their favorite Asian dishes and other exciting new specialties under one roof?

Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen has put together a delicious variety of flavorful and healthy meal choices from popular Asian regions all in one menu. Expect favorites from Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and many more. Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen’s lunch and dinner selections are made to order with fresh ingredients and unique sauces made exclusively for the Wok Box in their test kitchen.

The Wok Box pioneered the concept of freshly made pan-Asian food in Canada and packaged it in a quick serve restaurant model that fits into 1,200 to 1,500 square feet. Their growth has attracted abundant interest from would-be franchisees across Canada, resulting in more than 70 stores opening in three years.

Their diverse menu selections appeal to many tastes and attract both lunch and dinner customers. The restaurants are designed to create a comfortable, pleasant and unique Wok Box experience, encouraging customers to return often. But why limit your opportunities to serving dine-in customers only? Their Group Share menu selections encourage family style dining that easily lends itself to take out ordering too. Their customers enjoy the convenience of picking up their favorite menu items on their way home, so they can serve their family with practically no effort at all. Boost your sales further with Wok Box’s extensive catering menu. Give customers the opportunity to think of you when they need to cater a family gathering, business meeting, birthday party or sporting event.

With a management team boasting many years of practical hands-on experience, the Wok Box offers comprehensive support to its franchisees, starting with helping you understand how their markets are laid out, and then guiding you through the real estate process where you choose your store location. They will make sure you build a beautiful store complete with their interior designs and colors, tiled walls, big screen televisions and a unique and inviting kitchen design.


To learn more about the Wok Box franchise opportunity, please click the following link: http://www.franchiseclique.com/franchise/Wok-Box-Fresh-Asian-Kitchen.

Restaurants React to New BAC Recommendation



Restaurants and restaurant franchises feel the new suggested blood alcohol content level will negatively impact sales and end profits without significantly improving road safety for patrons.

The recommendation to change the current legal blood alcohol level came from the National Transportation Safety Board last week. The NTSB suggested that the states reduce the legal BAC level from the current level of 0.08% to 0.05%.

The average BAC level in fatal automobile accidents occurs when drivers are at twice the legal limit. Less than 1% of deaths occur when the driver’s blood alcohol content level is between 0.05 and 0.08.

One of the biggest arguments restaurants are making in opposition to the National Transportation Safety Board is alcohol’s ability to enhance food and the dining experience. In addition, alcoholic beverages are big ticket items for restaurants and are often marked up considerably more than food items. Despite this fact, recent years have seen sales drop in alcoholic beverage consumption as penalties for driving under the influence have become more strict.

While the National Transportation Safety Board cannot change laws outright but can influence future legislation, though it might take a generation or so.   A person’s blood alcohol content level depends greatly on height, weight and gender. Changing the legal drinking limit to 0.05% would mean an average-sized male could enjoy two alcoholic drinks. An average sized female could enjoy a single alcoholic drink, if not less.

What do you think? Do you think the BAC level should be changed from 0.08 to 0.05? 

Franchise Profile: The Grout Medic


The Grout Medic, in response to exploding customer demand, was founded under the commitment that their company could provide customers a viable, long term, cost effective, alternative to replacing tile and grout.


The Grout Medic is the leading grout & tile restoration franchise with over 40 locations across the US. Their franchise owners come from all walks of life, but they all have the same common goals; to gain control over their future and provide a better lifestyle and opportunity for themselves and their families.


At The Grout Medic™ their goal is simple – To create an opportunity to allow motivated, hardworking, business-minded individuals a low cost, high margin path to success. In doing so, The Grout Medic™ has become a leading grout and tile repair service with a cost effective, highly profitable, operating system offering a valuable service to their customers with very little competition. The Company’s foundation is based on solid business principles, extensive training and post operating support and, most of all, their experienced and dedicated people.



The Grout Medic Difference:
The Grout Medic has an industry leading approach to grout and tile restoration which has been one of the major factors in its success. They use exclusive equipment including their vapor machine and electric grout removal tools, as well as techniques and exclusive product lines to position The Grout Medic as the leader in the industry. The Grout Medic also employs a number of “green” practices in line with the current consumer demand.


To find out more about this amazing franchise opportunity, please visit the following link: http://www.franchiseclique.com/franchise/The-Grout-Medic. An online form may also be submitted for more detailed information.

Women and Franchises: how to pick the best one for you

Every woman is unique. If you have made the decision to be self-employed, but are still mulling your choices, consider opening a franchise. The multitude of possibilities out there means that there is bound to be a franchise that’s right for you and reflective of your unique personality. There are many steps to think about, so let’s dive right in.


What kind of franchise opportunity should you choose?
As a woman choosing the best opportunity to pursue, maximize the benefit of your point of view- the woman’s point of view that is. There are plenty of business avenues where your perspective as a woman gives you a competitive advantage. From automotive maintenance to home maintenance, women have their own perspective on researching and buying a product or service. Utilize this and your sales will benefit as a result.
Some of the specific franchise areas that would benefit from a woman in charge are:

Women’s fitness;
Women’s dietary supplements;
Women’s health products or services;
Fashion retailer;

The list above is intended to get your ideas flowing. Knowing what a woman wants with regard to certain products is a valuable viewpoint for most business ventures, so take this knowledge to the next level with the following step.


Stick to your strengths!
Next, consider your strengths and abilities. You want to match your talents and interests with the franchise that makes the most sense for you.


Consider these questions:

Is there an area in which your friends always ask you for advice?
Did you gain expertise or a skill-set in a previous job?
What are your interests and passions?


Keep your strengths in mind when shopping for a franchise. You want to be in a business that you enjoy and will stick with.

Make a list of your top 5 choices, and then contact them –
Contact the franchisors (the owners selling you the franchise rights) that interest you the most. Emphasize any management and sales experience that you have. Making sales is the heartbeat of any franchise, so align your passion for the product with your previous experience and skills.


Balance –
If you have a family or other responsibilities, look into franchise opportunities that allow you to better balance the work and home aspects of your life. A franchisor should help you establish whether opening a store an acceptable distance from your home is feasible. Business planning and education are part and parcel of buying a franchise, and the franchisor should help you in this regard.


Startup cost and experience-
Each franchise has a cost to buy into the opportunity. Evaluate your top choices, keeping in mind the amount of your initial investment. Ask about how other franchisees are faring, sales-wise. This will help determine the length of time it may take to get back your investment, as well as giving you a snapshot of the health of the company. A strong record of sales will help reduce your risk. Remember to ask the franchisor about any previous experience that is required.


Get Started –
Prospective entrepreneurs have many resources at their disposal. Businesses ranging from unique candy and fashion retail to educational services and tax preparation await those women motivated to become successful owners of a franchise. To learn more about these and other franchise opportunities available, please visit www.franchiseclique.com.

Franchise Profile: French Fry Heaven

The world is a better place with French fries– in fact, they might be the best fried foods ever created. At least that’s what the founder of French Fry Heaven believes, and why the restaurant franchise singularly celebrates hamburger’s best friend and ketchup’s soulmate.


French Fry Heaven, the franchise industry’s first French gourmet fry-only franchise, sells two types of heavenly fried potatoes, Angels and Saints. Angels are classic, Belgian-style* French fries that can be topped with just about anything, like ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, gravy and cheese, or blue cheese dust. Saints are sweet potato fries that can be savory, served with salt, or sweet, dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar, maple syrup or other saccharine smothers. French Fry Heaven customers may also sprinkles their fries with Ethereal Sea Salts in flavors like ghost pepper, vanilla and lime fresco.

Each French Fry Heaven franchise unit operates out of a small stand alone location with a specially designed ventless enclosed fryer. Targeted locations include college campuses, stadiums, airports, military bases and malls.


Beyond frying up gourmet French fries, French Fry Heaven strives to be unprofessional. (You read that right.) By focusing on making one stand-out product, the food franchise is able to provide its customers with great customer service and a fun, outrageous experience.


A cornerstone of French Fry Heaven’s business is its commitment to charitable service and, as such, all who become a part of the restaurant franchise must be committed to giving back to their communities, too.


When it comes to finding new franchisees and establishing new French Fry Heaven locations, the restaurant franchise looks for candidates who are dedicated to make customers smile. A history with management, sales and a strong connection with one’s community are also important.



*Belgian-style French fries are freshly cut, irregularly shaped fries that usually include the potato’s skin. Fried twice, Belgian-style frites are known for their crispy exterior and fluffy, potatoey interior. Served in a paper cone, Belgian-style fries aren’t tiny shoestrings, they’re at least 10 millimeters in width.