A Healthy Choice: Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen

There are plenty of lunch and dinner choices to make when you’re looking for Chinese food, Japanese dishes and other Asian food specialties. As a franchise operator, wouldn’t it be convenient if your customers could find all of their favorite Asian dishes and other exciting new specialties under one roof?

Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen has put together a delicious variety of flavorful and healthy meal choices from popular Asian regions all in one menu. Expect favorites from Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and many more. Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen’s lunch and dinner selections are made to order with fresh ingredients and unique sauces made exclusively for the Wok Box in their test kitchen.

The Wok Box pioneered the concept of freshly made pan-Asian food in Canada and packaged it in a quick serve restaurant model that fits into 1,200 to 1,500 square feet. Their growth has attracted abundant interest from would-be franchisees across Canada, resulting in more than 70 stores opening in three years.

Their diverse menu selections appeal to many tastes and attract both lunch and dinner customers. The restaurants are designed to create a comfortable, pleasant and unique Wok Box experience, encouraging customers to return often. But why limit your opportunities to serving dine-in customers only? Their Group Share menu selections encourage family style dining that easily lends itself to take out ordering too. Their customers enjoy the convenience of picking up their favorite menu items on their way home, so they can serve their family with practically no effort at all. Boost your sales further with Wok Box’s extensive catering menu. Give customers the opportunity to think of you when they need to cater a family gathering, business meeting, birthday party or sporting event.

With a management team boasting many years of practical hands-on experience, the Wok Box offers comprehensive support to its franchisees, starting with helping you understand how their markets are laid out, and then guiding you through the real estate process where you choose your store location. They will make sure you build a beautiful store complete with their interior designs and colors, tiled walls, big screen televisions and a unique and inviting kitchen design.


To learn more about the Wok Box franchise opportunity, please click the following link: http://www.franchiseclique.com/franchise/Wok-Box-Fresh-Asian-Kitchen.

Sushi Freak Rolls in New Restaurant Concept

From rice, fish and occasionally vegetables, the Japanese created sushi: a food that’s become so ubiquitous in American culture it can be found just about anywhere– including gas stations.


While gas station sushi might not be the best choice, a new franchise concept, Sushi Freak, is offering its customers as much choice as possible.


The permutations are endless at a Sushi Freak franchise. You’re only limited by your imagination. Even if you aren’t a fan of “the raw stuff”, Sushi Freak’s list of available sushi filling ingredients — 51– include many cooked and seafood alternatives.

 sushi franchise

Customers follow a basic four step ordering process to create their own 8-piece sushi rolls: select your wrapper (soy or seaweed), pick your protein, choose your fillings and top it off with the sauce, raw fish or other topping of your choice. In addition, Sushi Freak offers vegetarian, gluten-free soy sauce and rice-free options, too.


This dedication to customization stems from Sushi Freak co-founders Michael Broder and Jenifer Duarte, whose previous food and beverage experience “got them rolling.”


Before Sushi Freak opened its first location in San Diego, Calif., the dynamic, sushi-loving duo worked for The Pacific Rim Asian Bistro in Albuquerque, New Mexico that boasted a 160 piece sushi menu. Guests of the bistro would often request for certain exclusions or additions to their sushi orders. After the one-millionth, “Can I substitute…” request Michael and Jenifer saw the need for a customizable sushi restaurant franchise.


Why It Works


A mixture of tighter budgets and greater food knowledge (thanks to the Food Network and television shows Top Chef, Chopped and The Taste) has produced a more discerning consumer: one that knows what they like to eat and how they want it made.


The beauty of Sushi Freak is that it allows customers to order exactly what they want without sacrificing the traditional sushi experience. Jenifer and Michael made sure to consult one of the best master sushi chefs they knew (the kind that isn’t allowed to touch rice until after a one-year apprenticeship) to refine the sushi making process at Sushi Freak.


The Nitty Gritty


While a definitive initial investment can’t be given for legal reasons, the estimated initial investment for a Sushi Freak franchise is $179,900 – $297,000.


Franchise term is 20 years with an option to renew for another 20 years.


Typical Sushi Freak restaurant franchise is 1200-1500 square feet.


100,000 minimum cash required.


An ideal Sushi Freak franchisee has a strong background in business management with a passion for serving people and very intrinsically motivated.


Sushi Freak is seeking franchisees in all 50 states and international locations.


One owner or designated manager must be involved in the Sushi Freak franchise on a full-time basis and be held responsible for the daily operations and management of said Sushi Freak location.


Owning and operating a Sushi freak includes: use of Sushi Freak’s brand name, trademarks, recipes, operational systems, methods and décor. Support is provided in:


  • Facility planning
  • Fixture, equipment and leasehold improvements
  • Lease negotiation
  • Site selection
  • Corporate training for owner/operator and general managers
  • Kitchen workflow design
  • Ongoing support from training/operations team
  • Ongoing updates for increasing profitability
  • Products
  • System efficiency
  • Favorable national contracts with suppliers of goods and services