Revive Energy Vending

Remember exam time during college? Twice a year we subsisted on caffeine, Red Bull and whatever snacks we could smuggle into the library. As the clock moved past midnight eyelids at every table began to droop. Soon, there’d be a cacophony of opening energy drink cans, a burst of energy and a crash into more tiredness.


The problem with energy drinks, aside from their taste and high price, is they only provide a short burst of energy. When you’re cramming for finals, helping someone move or trying to stay awake on a long drive the last thing you want is to end up more tired.


Revive Healthy Energy has somehow managed to make mints that slowly release caffeine and antioxidants for sustained energy. Instead of a burst of energy followed by fatigue, Revive’s mints keep its users happy and energized longer.

Video: The Science Behind Revive


Fresh Healthy Vending: Guilt-Free Vending Machines

It’s clearly a concept born in California—vending machines filled not with Twinkies, but with 100% juices, smoothies, fruits, veggies and organic snacks.


Fresh Healthy Vending is a franchise concept that is changing snack options in school and office vending machines across the U.S. It’s the new, “Why didn’t I think of that?” idea.


Instead of potato chips, candy bars, sodas and other empty calorie foods, Fresh Healthy Vending offers well-known junk food alternative brands like Annie’s, Horizon, Barbara’s Bakery Snacks, Odwalla, Kashi, Clif, R.W. Knudsen and Stonyfield. It’s not just granola bars and naturally sweetened drinks, either. Depending upon the vending machine, you can find entire meals from Thai Kitchen, yogurt from Wallaby’s and even get a daily serving of fruit.


Fresh Healthy Vending and similar healthy vending ideas benefitted from President Barack Obama’s The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Created in hopes of challenging the U.S.’ obesity and nutrition problems through the use of healthier school meals, the Act is expected to boost organic food industry sales—which showed a growth of almost 8% in 2010 and grossed over $28.6 billion dollars.


All the buzz has meant sweet success for Fresh Healthy Vending. In four months the company made $3.8 million from selling franchises, and they’re looking for more fresh franchisees to make the brand even bigger.

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Cool-de-Sac: The Coolest Franchise You Haven’t Heard Of


So far, there are only a few U.S. locations of Cool-de-Sac, the trendy adult-friendly but kid-focused franchise, but when a location opens near you your kids won’t be the only ones jumping for joy.


The people behind Cool-de-Sac brilliantly realized that kids are not the only guests at children’s birthday parties. After all, when was the last time you saw a 7-year old drive themselves to a birthday celebration? (I’m hoping it’s been awhile.) Parents’ days of enduring lame, tired salads and pizza baked yesterday and kept warm beneath heat lamps are over. Cue Handel’s Messiah.




Cool-de-Sac has two menus: one for parents and one for children ages 13 and under. While there’s a distinct difference in offerings between the two, there’s been a clear effort to offer healthier choices on both, especially on the kid’s menu. Cool-de-Sac takes their genius concept to the next level by cleverly masking healthy items, like their carrot and sweet potato purée, in traditionally less healthy ones, like cheese pizza. In addition, Cool-de-Sac had nutritional analysts specifically review the kid’s menu. No more fighting over what to order—there’s nothing really unhealthy to choose from.


As far as the grownups are concerned, Cool-de-Sac puts every other competitor to shame with menu items like their Goat Cheese Salad, Salmon Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries. Not to mention, there’s beer and wine on the menu. (Not that you’d need any.)





There’s more to Cool-de-Sac than just their trendy menu. While you’re enjoying your meal (and perhaps a glass of wine), kids have the opportunity to play in 7 differently themed playrooms:

  • Arts— Where they can color, draw and create artistic masterpieces
  • Blocks – Where they can create buildings, cars and more with lock blocks (like Legos).
  • Computers – Where they can play on Apple iMacs or with Wiis
  • Salon – A girly girls’ dream come true! Kids can play dress up to their heart’s content or get a mini manicure and makeover with the help of a Cool-de-Sac attendant.
  • Play Unit – Where kids can climb, swing and maneuver their way through the expansive play unit.
  • Tots – A special room for Cool-de-Sac’s littlest guests.
  • Lightspace— A light up dance floor is fun at any age!
  • Discovery – Where kids can play with magnets, interlocking gears and other scientific toys.




Cool-de-Sac is definitely cool. Finally, there’s a place where kids are free to be kids and adults are free to enjoy themselves in their own way. Appropriately, Cool-de-Sac’s focus is predominately on it’s kid clients, but it obviously hasn’t ruled out their parent’s fun, either. Not that a light up dance floor can’t be fun for all ages.