Revive Energy Vending

Remember exam time during college? Twice a year we subsisted on caffeine, Red Bull and whatever snacks we could smuggle into the library. As the clock moved past midnight eyelids at every table began to droop. Soon, there’d be a cacophony of opening energy drink cans, a burst of energy and a crash into more tiredness.


The problem with energy drinks, aside from their taste and high price, is they only provide a short burst of energy. When you’re cramming for finals, helping someone move or trying to stay awake on a long drive the last thing you want is to end up more tired.


Revive Healthy Energy has somehow managed to make mints that slowly release caffeine and antioxidants for sustained energy. Instead of a burst of energy followed by fatigue, Revive’s mints keep its users happy and energized longer.

Video: The Science Behind Revive