Children’s Education Franchise Spotlight

Mad Science Franchise

When you think of franchise opportunities, chances are that things like children and child education may not immediately come to mind. But there’s arguably just as much opportunity involved in owning a children’s educational franchise as there is in being the owner for another type of franchise. There’s also arguably more money-making potential, as there will always be children who need help with learning and engaging with others, and parents who strive to give their child the best opportunity for succeeding in life. This is because children’s franchises aren’t solely for entertaining the younger clientele, but also educating and developing them.

There is a vast amount of choice in terms of selecting from a children’s educational franchise. For example, Club-Z is an in-home tutoring service, where franchise owners will manage a staff of tutors that help out kids with specified school subjects. The tutoring is done at the child’s home, so you don’t need a specialty building to hold such sessions, which keeps franchise investment costs down. Plus, tutoring is becoming a much more popular business. Tutoring is one thing, hands-on learning activities are another opportunity.

That brings us to Mad Science, a franchise that entertains and engages children through hands-on science-related activities. Studies show that children who are engaged and actively participating in activities are more likely to learn and retain information better than those who aren’t.

Another example of a children’s franchise is Mathnasium. Although Mathnasium requires a higher investment amount than many of the other children’s franchise options, it also offers a potentially higher payoff by specializing in one area of school that many students struggle with – math. Mathnasium engages children and teaches them math, while reinforcing basic arithmetic, through games and activities, so as not to make it seem like a boring chore.

“**Due to the date this article was published, store count and financials may be inaccurate. Please refer to Mathnasium Learning Centers page for the most current information.”