Franchise Clique Helps DwellGreen Secure Three Territory Deal

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you this great news about a green franchise client of ours, Dwell Green. Thanks to Franchise Clique, DwellGreen just welcomed a new franchisee, Roger Taylor. Taylor, who hails from Texas, is now the proud owner of three franchise territories in the Dallas, TX market.

DwellGreen’s President and CEO, Jim Majirsky, contacted us yesterday to give us the following good news:

DwellGreen Franchising, LLC, expert advisors in the field of building and environmental science, awards 3 franchise opportunities in Dallas, TX market.

DwellGreen Franchising, LLC today announced that is has awarded 3 franchise opportunities in the Dallas, TX market to former Perot Systems/Dell  IT executive, Roger Taylor.  

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) March 8th, 2012 — DwellGreen Franchising, LLC, a Sarasota, FL based company that conducts residential and commercial building evaluations, has awarded three franchise opportunities (territories) in the Dallas, TX area.  Started in early 2009, DwellGreen spent nearly 3 years developing and perfecting its business model aimed at making buildings greener, more energy efficient, safer and healthier, and better fortified, and has successfully transitioned that model into a viable franchise opportunity that is now being offered throughout the U.S.

Launching the franchising effort in August of 2011 and quickly signing its first franchise agreement in Florida, inquiries about this unique and exciting business opportunity have been pouring in from around the country.   DwellGreen’s most recent expansion is into the Dallas, TX market by awarding 3 franchise territories to Roger Taylor of Fairview, TX.  Roger will start by opening his first territory in Collin, Rockwall, and eastern Denton Counties.  He has purchased rights to two other territories in Dallas County and expects to expand his business into that area over the next 18 months.    Taylor, a longtime IT executive and consultant, has nearly 25 years of experience working for Perot Systems/Dell  as a Director of New Business Development and served as a direct advisor to the President and COO of the company.  He has recently completed both BPI Building Analyst and RESNET training and is now a Certified Energy Auditor.  He also completed his 5 day initial training program at the DwellGreen Learning Center where he learned all of the day to day operational aspects of running a DwellGreen franchise.  Taylor, who is an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Navy, was also able to take advantage of DwellGreen’s military discount program and received a 20% reduction on his franchise fee.  He will now begin to reach out and introduce himself throughout his territory by implementing a two month long Grand Opening program.

“The continuing interest and growth makes this a very exciting time here at DwellGreen corporate headquarters and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Roger to our franchise family.  We’re thrilled to have our first Texas based franchisee on board and are very confident that Roger will bring great success to his market. ”, Jim Majirsky, DwellGreen President was quoted as saying.  Majirsky further stated that he is very encouraged by the high level of interest in DwellGreen’s franchise opportunity and expects strong company growth into many key markets over the next few years.

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As it turns out DwellGreen’s newest franchisee, Roger Taylor, found out about the green concept and contacted DwellGreen through Franchise Clique’s website. We couldn’t be more excited for Jim Majirsky and Roger Taylor about their new business partnership.

Here’s what Jim had to say about Franchise Clique:

“Working with Franchise Clique has been a really great experience for us at DwellGreen.  They are providing qualified leads and we couldn’t be happier with the response rate from the prospects.  Guy, Annabel, and the rest of the staff are highly responsive and have been extremely helpful.  They exemplify what you would want in a business relationship, especially in a difficult field like lead development and generation.  All in all, we are very pleased with Franchise Clique.  Results always provide the proof and we just closed a three territory deal from a Franchise Clique lead — one out of the first 10 that we received.  Thanks guys!”

– Jim Majirsky, President and CEO of DwellGreen




Interview with DwellGreen’s President, Jim Majirsky

Jim Majirsky wants to save you some green. As the President and CEO of business and home services franchise DwellGreen he just might be able to.

In 2005 John Lamby, who Jim refers to as “an environmental guru” started the process of creating what DwellGreen is today: a resource, a business and a fine-tuned approach for helping homeowners make decisions about the performance of their homes. This covers everything from energy efficiency to retrofitting to identifying government rebates homeowners are able to qualify for.


Majirsky joined DwellGreen a little over a year ago. It took the better part of 2011 for Jim to take DwellGreen, which had become quite a successful business in Florida, and translate it into a growing, national franchise. Now, the company has four franchising territories and plans to begin franchising in Canada within two years. After 17 years of executive franchising experience, Jim is happy to be involved in a company that he really cares about. He loves being around environmental initiatives and believes strongly in their importance. “It is the future,” Majirsky says, “It’s not just greening, its learning what that means.”


DwellGreen, as a business, seeks to do three things: to advise, to consult, and to educate its customers.  The business works a little something like this: homeowners call DwellGreen about making their home a bit greener (in one way or another). A representative from DwellGreen drives (in a Prius, of course) to see the client’s home. The DwellGreen representative assesses the home and advises the homeowner on improvements that should be made. From there, the DwellGreen representative facilitates the greening process. Some homeowners will jump into greening feet first, others will pick specific projects until the entire home is, well, green.


“There’s a cost savings to this that’s good for everyone,” explains Majirsky. “It helps the environment, helps with health issues, and it does have large implications like reducing carbon footprint,” he elaborates. “It improves the quality of our air and our water.”


Of course, it takes someone who’s passionate about the environment and making a difference at the micro and macro levels to be successful as a DwellGreen franchisee. In addition, it takes a skilled communicator with experience in business development, sales, and marketing to pursue potential customers. Environmental and building sciences backgrounds are pluses, too. In fact, a number of current DwellGreen franchisees have environmental science or construction backgrounds.


After the initial interest inquiry is made, the next step, according to Jim, is to familiarize potential franchisees with the business model. From there, serious franchisees receive a full week of training and certification (which includes RESNET and EPI training) as energy auditors, remediation programs for radon, mold, lead, and air quality. “If we’re about anything we’re about servicing our franchisees and supporting them,” says Jim. The DwellGreen business model also includes a full marketing program and support system, so franchisees can focus on bringing in customers and maintaining positive client relationships.

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