The Top 10 Menu Trend Predictions for 2013

According to Pantone, the “it” color of 2013 will be emerald green. But that’s not the only trend worth considering– what about the “it” menu items diners are sure to see on their menus next year?


A survey of over 1,800 professional chefs produced the National Restaurant Association’s list of top ten menu trends for 2013. The top ten list indicates that consumers have four things in mind: cost, where their food comes from, gluten and their kids.


Consumers remain concerned about food costs while eating out, as suggested by the prediction that new cuts of meat will continue to appear on menus. These new cuts of meat, like the Denver steak, are lesser-known and less expensive but have become more popular as tough economic times have eaten into consumer’s disposable income.


The locovore movement continues to grow as more diners look for locally grown produce, locally raised meat, and sustainable seafood. Thanks to the popularity of cooking shows, food magazines and the rise of the celebrity chef, consumers are increasingly aware of how food appears on the dinner table– and they want it to be in an environmentally conscientious manner.


Gluten-free items began appearing on menus a few years ago– thank you Miley Cyrus– and, if anything, have increased in number and popularity. Pizza franchises like Domino’s offer gluten-free crusts in an effort to include those who have Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.


Many of the top trends carried over from last year, including children’s nutrition and locally sourced produce.

Do you think the predictions for 2012 proved to be true? Do you think 2013’s top ten list is missing a trend?