Marijuana Vending Machine

There’s no end to all the crazy things people are sticking in vending machines these days. And this story is a testament to that. According to a TV station in New Zealand, a popular nightclub called the Daktory, is now selling 1 gram bags of cannibis out of a vending machine. Even though in America you can get live bait, a cupcake and maybe a pair of shoes, this is really raising the bar of oddities in vending. But this also seems to be quite lucrative of the vending business opportunities, says a local TV station.


However, we now understand that at least 4 patrons of the machine have been arrested and the machine has been confiscated off the site of the Daktory. Though the grams sold for only $16.20 each, there was said to be hundreds of dollars sold in a given night. Is this the oddest thing you’ve heard of being sold in a vending machine? Let us know!