Snips Its Franchise: From Terrifying to Terrific

The snip-snip of scissors and buzz of hair trimmers are not music to the ears of children– unless they’re headed to Snip Its. Started in 1995 by a mother who couldn’t find a hair salon that catered to children, Snip Its has transformed haircuts into a fun experience for kids of all ages.

children's franchise

Most salons and barber shops are uninterested in dealing with wiggling, squirming kids and, even when they are willing, most lack originality in keeping children entertained. At Snip-Its, you won’t find just a box of crayons or a single tattered book to distract kids from the unpleasantness of a haircut; you’ll find an interactive, entertaining environment designed to capture a child’s attention and associate haircuts with fun. A cast of haircut-related characters, like Jean Luc Le Spritz, keeps the atmosphere light and children smiling.


Snip Its dedication to children extends outside of its colorful interior. Last year, the children’s haircut franchise teamed up with Autism Speaks to create a DVD for stylists and parents, preparing each to work with children with autism. Each April, Snip Its also participates in National Autism Awareness Month. The franchise also has raised funds through Cookies For Cancer, a not-for-profit that funds major pediatric cancer research.  Pediatric cancer is the top cause of death in children in the U.S.

children's franchise

Each franchisee is thoroughly trained and prepared for owning a business that not only caters to kids, but to parents as well. That, of course, begins with franchisees who are passionate, ambitious, positive and care about children. Snip Its is currently looking for franchisees with prior business experience and are able to inspire and to develop an enthusiastic team.


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